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Welcome to Element High! In this private school, your children will learn how to wield there element rings and also learn the basics of life!

We hold  annual tournaments  for the advanced wielders and new wielders are to attend for viewing. Students can also learn and read books from all over the world, and even learn new languages!

As you also know, we also help students learn about the five guardians of Ryon!  This is also a year round school so students will only return home during breaks. Our dorms are very cozy and roomy. 

We only have a few rules that ALL students must abide by-

  • No wondering outside the gates of the school.
  • Any students with unproper behavior tward other students , teachers , or other school members will be punished right on site.
  • No drinking or smoking on campus.
  • Any male students caught in Girls' Dorms will be put in the Broom Chamber for a fortnight. Girls in the Boys' Dorm will be sent to the Mop Chamber. 

We will be here : Mushoku~!

Our Video Edit

Made by a very good friend of mine who is also a student here.

Element High

Element High

Story Of Element High And How It Was FoundEdit

Long ago, in a mystic land full of humans, there were five magical beings called Gods. Each God had the power of an element; Water, Fire, Thunder, Earth, and Shadow. The name of the mystic land was Ryon, named after the all powerful being who created the five Gods. 

This land was peacful and tranquil for over a 100 years until the brother of Ryon, Zayion, created a horde of monsterous creatures to destroy the five Gods who acted as the guardians of this land. Ryon, distressed about what his brother had done, turned the five Gods into five rings and wore the rings to banish his brother and the monsterious creatures to the depths of hell with the power.

After Zayion was banished, Ryon spread the five rings across the land along with a hundered copies of each one. Today the rings are passed down in famlies instead of being spread every where. The original rings are very rare to see now a days, but copies are most common. 

One of the said decendants of Ryon, opened this school to bring together the youngest wielders and teach them the story of how this all started. 

What The School Looks LikeEdit

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Student Roll and Staff ListEdit

Student Roll

Staff List

Ring names  and Wielder names.Edit

Original Wielders : Deos
  • The five Originals
  • Copy that females wear.
  • Copy the males wear.

Copy Wielders : Lancers

Water (Original) : Agua The Blue Angel

Fire (Original) : Wolf The Firestarter

Lightning (Original) : Zelda The Striking God

Earth (Original) : Aura The Tranquil Bird

Shadow (Original) : Rage The Demon Killer

All Copies have the word "Lancer" after the element , example : Waterlancer.

One more thing about the copies there are two types , Alpha , and Omega.

Omega :The kind females wear, the stone glows the color of the element it is based from or changes colors when in use.

Alpha : The kind males wear , the stone glows the color of the element it is based from or changes colors when in use.

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